Monday, 30 April 2007

Cult Of Skaro Memorabilia

As there seems to be no news to post today and also i am unable to post any screen caps i have decided to do some Special Character Profiles for The Cult Of Skaro's two main men Dalek Sec and tomorrow i will post a Dalek Caan one. First up is Dalek Sec

Dalek Sec was the original leader of The Cult Of Skaro a group above The Emperor himself designed to think all to find new ways of killing. He is a Black Dalek like many other leading Daleks, and the rest of his team listen to whatever he says. The first appearance of this character we saw was when they try to invade earth after escaping the Time War through a void ship. Dalek Sec was leading the operation because with them they carried a Dalek prison ship full of Daleks. The Doctor managed to suck most of the Daleks into the void apart from The Cult Of Skaro who did a Emergency Temporal Shift. Dalek Sec and the gang are next seen in 1930's new york where Dalek Sec wishes to do the Final Experiment which turns himself into a Dalek Human Hybrid. The rest of the cult of skaro are not sure and they insist they must remain pure but Dalek Sec tells them them must Evolve. Once he had evolved Sec became alot more human and started telling the Daleks that they must survive and not everything in life is killing. Eventually the Daleks turn against him and carry on with the original plan. They make Dalek Sec crawl on the floor like a slave and they completely forget that he was once there leader. Dalek Sec stands in front of a Dalek when it is about firing at the Doctor and saves the doctors life. The doctor himself describes Dalek Sec as the cleverest Dalek ever.

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right bad wold loveyou rteview can u plz add how he say bath the new dalek with the best thing they can ever the kill the worst enemy