Sunday, 29 April 2007

Evolution Of The Daleks Episode 5

Evolution of the Daleks, came, we watched, and we applauded. The second part carried on from Daleks In Manhatten and took with it all its amazing features. The story carries on from just after Dalek Sec turns into a Human Dalek. The story progresses and we realise Sec is becoming more human than Dalek and he wishes to start a new race of Dalek Humans. We believe that the Cult Of Skaro are going to stand by their leader until they betray him. Of course it is non stop action until the end where we are left on a massive cliff hanger when the doctor says to Dalek Caan "What do you say" and the Dalek replies with "EMERGENCY TEMPORAL SHIFT" and then disappears. Could Dalek Caan be our new Davros and become a regular character in Doctor Who? only time will tell but remember The Cult Of Skaro Never Die. Overall i will have to give this 9/10 because it was yet another brilliant episode. Look out for my screen caps tomorrow until then "Alonse"

Dalek Sec Hero Or Villain? You Decide

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