Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Cult Of Skaro Memorabilia Part 2

As there seems to be no news to post today and also i am unable to post any screen caps i have decided to do some Special Character Profiles for The Cult Of Skaro's two main men Dalek Sec and Dalek Caan one. Yesterday was Dalek Sec so now its Dalek Caans turn. Dalek Caan was also a member of The Cult of Skaro and was first seen in the episode Army Of Ghosts at the end then in Doomsday the 4 Daleks are protecting The Genesis Ark which inside held thousands of Daleks. During this time he was controled by Dalek Sec who led the opperation. The next time we saw this Dalek was in the episode Daleks In Manhatten where the four are once again planning something which this time happend to be The Final Experiment which is Dalek Sec being turned into a Human Dalek Hybrid. Dalek Caan is not happy about this Caan believes that the Daleks must remain pure but as Sec is there master they stand by him. As the story progresses Dalek Sec becomes more human and once again Caan is not happy and he askes another Dalek what does he believe. Eventually they remove Dalek Sec of his duty and Dalek Caan takes over the opperation the Dalek way. He sends he two other Daleks of to Exterminate the Doctor they mange to exterminate many humans but they also get destroyed thereselves. This leaves the last Dalek in assistance alive under the name of Dalek Caan. The Doctor goes to Caan and offers to reason with him as he is the last of his kind and so is the Doctor. The doctor does not want to see another Geneside so he asks him what does he say and Dalek Caan replies with "EMERGENY TEMPEROL SHIFT". Dalek Caan will become the first Dalek character to appear in three episodes of Doctor Who when he returns. I assure you he will return bigger and better than ever.

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Lewis said...

He'll probably return with Davros :)