Tuesday, 2 October 2007

More Sarah Jane Audios

The BBC has now commisioned two new Sarah Jane Adventures Audio Books. These storys are set for release on the 5th November priced at £5.99 each. These two storys are called The Glittering Storm and The Thirteenth Stone and are to be read by Elizabeth Sladen. Here is what the Official Doctor Who Website had to say:
This is the first time that BBC Audiobooks have commissioned new content for exclusive release on audio. When patients at a London clinic begin to act strangely, Sarah Jane's suspicions are aroused. Luke falls prey to the clinic's sinister agenda, Maria and Clyde are pursued through London by a golden battle machine, and Sarah discovers a plot to harvest all the gold from Earth - at a terrible cost to the planet! Listen to a clip! The Glittering Storm is written by Steve Cole, author of many Doctor Who novels. "My first memories of Doctor Who are of poor Sarah stuck in a ventilator shaft back in 1975," said Steven, "so I jumped at the chance to write a story for Lis Sladen. She is a fantastic actor with a wonderful voice, and Sarah Jane is a marvellous character. "With The Glittering Storm I aimed to provide a story with creepy scares - as well as humour and thrills - in the vein of the new TV series. The idea is that we on Earth are not the only people who prize gold highly... Others in space have a fascination for the stuff too, and are rather more menacing in the way that they use it..." Listen to a clip! The Thirteenth Stone is written Justin Richards, editor of the Doctor Who novels range. Whilst helping out on a school trip, Sarah Jane discovers the truth behind the legend of an ancient stone circle. Something is trying to escape from one of the stones – and it's chosen Luke as the way out! Can Sarah, Clyde and Maria save him? "I had enormous fun writing The Thirteenth Stone," he said. "It's always slightly daunting writing a story that is going to be read aloud - you really have to be at your best. But knowing that Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith herself – was going to be reading it was a tremendous boost to the confidence as well as a huge privilege. I can't wait to hear the finished result!"

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