Monday, 24 September 2007

The Sarah Jane Adventures Begins

Today see's the Doctor Who Spin-Off, The Sarah Jane Adventures, finally begin its first series. Tonight's episode is called Revenge Of The Slitheen. The first part of this episode will be shown on BBC 1 at 5.00pm followed by part two at 5.30pm on the CBBC channel. If you do not however have the CBBC Channel you can see part two next week on BBC 1 at 5.00pm whereas lucky CBBC viewers will next week at 5.30pm get to see the first part of the episode The Eye Of Gorgon. However some of you may be thinking now i don't have the CBBC Channel so therefore any reviews before the BBC 1 airing will spoil it for me. Because of this i have decided to hold off all reviews until both parts have been shown on BBC 1 so no one gets spoiled. Anyway Smithies or Wolfies, or whatever you wish to be called, enjoy The Sarah Jane Adventures tonight at 5.00pm on BBC 1 Don't Miss It.


Doktor Hoo said...

I'm lucky to have the CBBC channel.. but it's a tad weird isn't it. Pointless really :D Anyway, check my blog :D

lewis said...



K9 actually comes to help SJ.

SJ actually goes to space half-way through the series. Not in the TARDIS though.

lewis said...

Lis Sladen on the Sontarans:

"Maybe they will [come back]."