Sunday, 23 September 2007

Invasion Of The Bane Review

Invasion Of The Bane begins with us hearing Sarah Jane explaining that Life On Earth can be a adventure too. The story continues with numerous commercials of the famous Bubble Shock, a drink which has tooken the world by storm, that Sarah Jane has become fascinated by. Sarah becomes so fascinated by this company that she is almost oblivious to the arrival of her new neighbour, Maria, a young girl who ironically as become intrigued by the strange goings on inside her new neighbours house. Before Maria can learn more about Sarah Jane Smith she is pulled away to the Bubble Shock Factory by new friend Kelsey. As the two are tooken on a tour around the factory Sarah Jane is trying to find out about Mrs Wormwood. Whilst inside Kelsey finds herself looking up at a alien like creature meanwhile Maria finds herself running away with a strange boy with no name or past life. Maria and the boy then meet up with Sarah Jane which then leads them to discover the secret ingredient of Bubble Shock with Sarah's quick mind and the boys long memory they eventually destroy the Bane and destroy Bubble Shock once and for all. Overall i would give this a 7/10 as it saw a great return of Sarah Jane Smith and there was some great acting off the characters of Maria and newly named Luke.

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