Sunday, 22 July 2007

Top Trumps!!

Yesterday we reported on a new Doctor Who game to be released for Christmas 2007 by the company Top Trumps. To see this post Click Here. So we at Bad Wolf PR thought it would be a appropriate time to post about the actual card game Top Trumps and its connection with Doctor Who. If you didn't already know Top Trumps released a Doctor Who pack last year featuring monsters from the first and second series of Doctor Who. Well this year they have released another set of cards from Doctor Who Series. Here's what the official Top Trumps Website had to say:
Travel through time and space once more with Doctor Who Top Trumps! Join the tenth Doctor and his new companion, Martha Jones as they battle monsters from this years new adventures, and last years finale! Would Brannigan beat Novice Hame cat-fight? Is Professor Lazarus more monstrous than the Family of Blood's scarecrow soldiers, or will the Ood beat them both? With all time great monsters like the Cult of Skaro and the Cyber Army up against newcomer the Judoon, you can even joing the deck with last years pack and play an ultimate 60 card showdown! Now thats a time war!


gaz_dwsja said...

us there a new 1 then? i got the tenth doctor rose 1

Anonymous said...

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