Sunday, 22 July 2007

Martha Jones Vs Rose Tyler

As you may have noticed over the last week there has been a poll on the sidebar of Bad Wolf PR. This poll asked fans of this site Which companion do you like the most? well after 6 hard days of voting and a total of 39 votes we can now reveal that Rose Tyler won by only 3 votes which gave her 53% of the votes. Martha Jones however got 18 votes and 46% of the votes. Which proved that this was no easy win for Rose Tyler as the votes were up and down all week. A new poll will be posted tonight and this will become a regular feature to Bad Wolf PR. In other news i have recently started a new blog called Billie Piper PR. This blog will be dedicated to the actress Billie Piper so please keep visiting.


gaz_dwsja said...

i voted 4 martha

Anonymous said...

I couldn't vote

U know for the polls could you put another answer such as

Which Companion is the best



simon said...

yay go Rose!

Lewis said...

Martha VS Rose... a bit obvious...