Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Lazarus Experiment Episode 6

This episode did not let the series down, as i actually thought it would earlier today, but no it didn't. The Doctor and Martha go to watch Mr Lazarus's experiment which he describes as "I am going to change what it means to be human". What this seems to be is Lazarus changing himself to look like he did in his youth. But Lazarus changes further until he turns into a monster which terrorises the guests and kills some of them. When the monster kills the people it sucks all the energy out of them. Apart from the main story there is also a sub story where a mysterious man gets speaking to Martha's mother and says the Doctor is dangerous. Later on he whispers something in her ear once again about the Doctor. Finally as the Doctor takes Martha away there is a message for Martha from her mother saying once again the Doctor is dangerous and she has this information of Harold Saxon himself. As for another brilliant episode there was a fantastic future episodes trailer which features plenty of clips of the Doctor, Martha, Captain Jack Harknes and Mr Harold Saxon. Overall i would give this episode a 8/10.

A Secret Is Told

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