Saturday, 5 May 2007

Catch Up

Well what can i say, i have been so busy this week with 150th Posts and late Screen caps so busy that i have in fact missed out some vital posts which will prepare us for tonight's episode. So to make sure all you Wolfys get as much news as possible I'm going to put everything i was going to post originally into this post.

Official BBC Site Update

The BBC website has once again been updated for The Lazarus Experiment all the links can be found below.

The Lazarus Experiment Preview

Next Time Trailer

Wait for 42
The BBC have confirmed that next weeks episode 42 will not be aired until the week after because of The Eurovision Song Contest. Even though the Eurovision isn't on until 8.00pm the program Any Dream Will Do will replace Doctor Who because it is live. This is shocking news for every Wolfy but Bad Wolf PR will help you get through it as i have a range of things which I'm sure you will love which may make that wait for 42 a little bit shorter.

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