Wednesday, 30 May 2007

200th Post Bonanza Part 2 The Time War

Hello again Wolfys here is the second part of the 200th Post Bonanza. This part is dedicated to The Last Great Time War which brought about the end of Gallifrey and all of the Time Lords except from The Doctor. Below is some exciting information the the Time War tooken from Wikipedia, some great pictures of Daleks and Time lords and also three exciting Fan made movies about the Great War. The conflict was between the Time Lords and the Daleks and resulted in their mutual destruction, which the series suggests was caused by the Doctor himself. Although the programme has yet to show any of the events of the Time War on screen, some fans have speculated that the war was responsible for the Eighth Doctor's regeneration into the Ninth. The Doctor also referred to this conflict as "the last great Time War," implying that there had been others. The last great Time War should not be confused with the War against the Enemy that features in several of the spin-off novels in the Eighth Doctor Adventures series. The term Time War can also be applied to at least two types of time-spanning conflicts in the Doctor Who universe. The first type of time war is where the two sides are fighting the war across different points in history, separated by centuries or millennia. The second type of time war is where Time itself is used as a weapon, with pre-emptive strikes, time loops, temporal paradoxes and the reversal of historical events. The last great Time War appears to be of the latter variety.It is implied in the various spin-off media that there have been several previous Time Wars, but that all traces of them have been removed from history. One such war is mentioned in the 1995 Virgin New Adventures novel Sky Pirates! by Dave Stone. Lasting thirty thousand years, it is fought between the Doctor's people, the Time Lords, and other races that are developing time travel. The Time Lords destroy one such race, the Charon, before they even exist. This war takes place a generation after the time of Rassilon, the founder of Time Lord society. 1. The Time War Trailer Series 3

2. The Last Great Time War 3. Time War The Movie

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