Tuesday, 29 May 2007

200th Post Bonanza Part 1 Thank You Thank You and The Crazy Dalek

Here we are Wolfy's the 200th Post as arrived. I'd just like to take the time to thank Rob from Life On Mars .TV, Mark from Tardis And Torchwood Treasures , Cpotey from Doctor Who Mania and finally Coed from Return To Last Night for all there help with this blog itself and news for this blog and also for help on my other blogs. I'd especially like to shine the light on Rob and say thanks once again for making various Desktops and also The Bad Wolf PR Logo. Finally could i thank each and every visitor to this site. Now on with the 200th post and lets start off with a bang below are exactly what happens when a Dalek and a strange little kid are let lose. These set of videos are extremely funny and well worth watching. Enjoy this funny expediction and look out for Part 2 of the 200th Post which is dedicated to the Time War. Are Daleks Wheelchair Frendly? Part 1 The Dalek Zaps The Ennoyin Kid Part 2 How Daleks Use The Loo Part 3 Dalek Takes On The Ennoyin Kid Part 4

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