Thursday, 3 May 2007

150th Post Bonanza Part 2

150 posts down, and alot more to come. i hope that you have enjoyed everything i have done to improve this blog and hopefully you believe as i do that it is getting better and better. Below is some exciting things that i hope you will like. First up is another Remote Control Dalek "> Secondly and finally for this part below are links of the Dalek Voices that have been done by six different voice artistes. It is very interesting listening to how the Dalek voice has moved on throughout the years.

Peter Hawkins (voices from c 1963 - 1967)

David Graham 1 (voices from 1964 - 1966)

David Graham 2 (voices from 1964 - 1966)

Michael Wisher (Voices from 1973 - 4)

Roy Skelton 1 (voices from 1967 -1988)

Skelton and David Gooderson

Oliver Gilbert & Peter Messaline 1 (1972)

Oliver Gilbert & Peter Messaline 2 (1972)

Big Finish Nick Briggs (2005-)

My personal favourite has to be the Nick Briggs one as it is the most up to date but my next favourite has to be Roy Skelton.

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