Wednesday, 2 May 2007

150th Post Bonanza Part 1

150 posts down, and alot more to come. i hope that you have enjoyed everything i have done to improve this blog and hopefully you believe as i do that it is getting better and better. Below is some exciting things that i hope you will like. Part 1 is dedicated to Dalek Sec(Leader of The Cult Of Skaro) and Davros (Creator of The Daleks).
  • Dalek Sec Evolution

  • Next up is a fanmade video where he uses a remote control Dalek Sec to tell a funny but terrible story.


  • Next up is a video ebtitled Genesis Of Davros. This shows alot of pictures from the appearances of Davros

  • Finally i have a video of Davros annoucing the birth of the Daleks. A stunning moment in Doctor Who and Dalek history.

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cpotey said...

Good Post Pop, I do my special posts every 100 not 50. But good post any how.

Well done BAD WOLF PR, keep on posting...