Thursday, 12 April 2007

Gridlock To Be The Best Yet?

According to Lizo who reports for CBBC news round episode 3 Gridlock should be the best so far in the series as he gave it a 8/10 where he only gave the other two episodes sevens. He describes this episode by saying it's really a story that explores people's trust in each other. After all, Martha has gone off with The Doctor knowing next to nothing about him. The Doctor will put trust in a cat driver he's never met before to help him find Martha. And the Timelord is ready to be told an important message from The Face of Boe - someone he's only briefly met twice before. This is the episode where the Doctor is told a secret that will overshadow the rest of the series. Four words long, it will send shivers up your spine. Also he goes on to say if your Dad happens to be one of those Dr Who fans who can name every bit of trivia about the series since it started more than 40 years ago, then there's a moment that will have him jumping up and down on the sofa with delight, while the rest of us look on in complete confusion. To read the full review click here. Thank you Freema for the picture.

The Doctor And Martha Obviously Decided to have a Shower

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