Friday, 13 April 2007

Doctor Who Magazine 381

Today i went out and brought the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine which is actually a occasion for me because i hardly buy them even though i should being a expert blogger (yeah right). Inside this magazine there is a interview with the great Chris Chibnall writer for Doctor Who, Torchwood and Life On Mars which is a great read and hopefully i will post that soon. Also there is a behind the scenes look at Smith and Jones and a interview with Freema Agyeman. Also there are previews for The Shakespeare Code (which isnt really a preview any more), this Saturdays Gridlock episode and also the two parter Daleks in Manhatten and Evolution Of The Daleks. Aswell as all this they have released the titles for the first six Doctor Who Confidential episodes they go as followed
  1. Meet Martha Jones
  2. Stage Fright
  3. Are We There Yet
  4. New York Story
  5. Making Manhattan
  6. Monsters INC.
This is a brilliant read and well worth buying this i will put money on will be the best £3.99 you spend this month. I will try to post as much as this magazine as i can for you all to see. PS if anybody is interested i also brought the two disc DVD called The Dalek Collection which has the two Dalek movies Dr Who and The Daleks and Daleks- Invasion Earth 2150 AD a review of this DVD will be posted as soon as i can on The Cult Of Skaro PR once i have watched it. The Review will not probably be posted until next week because i have brought alot DVDs lately and I'm still catching up on them.

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