Monday, 5 March 2007

Utopia Episode 11

Though not much is known on this episode it will include a character known as the professor who according to the Daily Mirror will play a key role in preventing the world from ending. In a recent issue of Doctor Who adventures a preview said will the Doctor and Martha ever discover Utopia which by the looks of things will have a connection with this episode. More Information will come as we find it. This episode will be aired on the 9th June.


pop said...

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Anonymous said...

INFO!!! possibly not true but what the hey... oh yeahh SPOILER?....?...

When Jack comes back [this episode] he literally just misses the TARDIS and grabs onto it [on the trailer after the lazarus experiment it shows him like diving and you can hear the TARDIS dematerialising so he ends up going through the time vortex [or w.e] outside the TARDIS...dunno if its true but thought i'd put it any way

Mrs CJH ..x