Sunday, 4 March 2007

50th post BONANZA

Well here i am old and grey in my 5oth Post. To mark these special posts i will be posting things which are funny, fantastic or just plain weird. Though i only have 3 things today due to lack of time make sure you come on Badwolf PR not just every 50th Posts but everyday. I liked to say thankyou to every one who has helped me throughout the last 50 posts.
1) Firstly i have found in the world wide web this great homemade dvd cover which in my opinion is fantastic.2) Secondly i have a funny video from You Tube which just makes me laugh.
3) Thirdly and finally i have a funny dalek picture.
If anyone has any great pictures, videos or anything else for the 100th post then please do not hestitate to contact me by either leaving a comment in the link below or by telling me any night on the cbox. I hope you have all enjoyed my 1st 50 posts and if so bring on the next 50.

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