Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Days Drag On

As nothing is in the news about Doctor Who i thought it would be a good time to look to the future and behold what it has in store for us. Firstly of course Doctor Who will return on the 31st March thats only 25 day away so thats not really that long. Secondly also on the 31st March a new Doctor Who Exibition will be opening in Manchester where on that day David Tennant will be there to sign autographs and have pictures tooken. Although i proberly will not be able to go on that day myself i am going to try and go another day. I do know a person who is going on that day who will proberly right now grinning his head off. 2 days after all that will of course be the release of the 1st volume of series 3 which i have told you all about in a previous post. Finnally i have also got other Doctor Who related things for myself to look forward to. I have sent off for Burn Gormans and Naoki Moris autographs in January sometime and i am now waiting for there reply once i have theres i will then have the entire teams autographs. Just yesterday i sent a letter to John Simm Star of Life on Mars (On Tonight 9.00pm) and also rumoured to be in Doctor Who series 3 as the Master. You see Wolfys Out of the darkness good stuff is coming so be patient and the time until it happens will wizz by.

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Anonymous said...

Urgent rename for this blog post!

"Days Drag On (When reading BadWolfpr)"