Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Christmas Invasion

As news is yet again slow i have decided to do a run down of Series 2 in all its glory from start to finish i will though not ruin the story for anyone who has yet to see the episode though im sure all you Wolfys have. I will start of with The Christamas Invasion which im sure is clear is the Christams Special. This tale see's the Doctor recovering from his regeration process. But meawhile The Sycorax are hovering over London. They warn Earth that if they do not surrender "They will die". Who are they? and will the Doctor recover in time im afraid anyone that hasn't watched it is going to have to wait and see. I personally believe that this episode is a great episode full of suspense and a pretty good storyline. Overall I Would Give It 7/10 Not The Greatest Episode But Not The Worst Either. Please leave your reviews of this episode in the comment section below.


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