Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A Dalek Master Plan

During withdrawel it's best to keep yourself saine and what better way to do that then go through a list of all the different Daleks and tell you some class information on them. The Grey Dalek: This dalek was the first ever type of dalek created by Davros (the evil mastermind) These were originally made for a travel machine for the creatures that Davros people would involve into. But Davros changed them so they would become a brutal killing machine but eventually to his death.
The Gold Dalek: These are proberly the latest daleks you will have seen. These Daleks would have fought in the time war. Most of them were Destroyed but some remained Daleks always remain. The Black Dalek: The black dalek will again have been see recently in the form of Dalek Sec who led a opperation to invade earth but there plan foiled when they descovered the Cybermen doing the same. These Daleks are mostly seen leading "lower class" daleks to do a major operation.
Gold and Black Daleks: These daleks are the Supreme Council they make the big decisions these Daleks are rarely seen away from Skaro
Silver and Blue Daleks: These Daleks are the science drones who build cities, time machines, mines ect.
Black Head Dalek: These are the prime protectors of the emperor of the Daleks they will always stand by him anyone wishing to cross the emeperor must cross them first

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