Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Sarah Jane Adventures Trailer Screen Caps

A new Sarah Jane Adventures Trailer is currently being aired on the CBBC. This trailer features clips from the first episode, Revenge Of The Slitheen. All though this particular trailer is not yet available online below thanks to Sarah we have some exciting screen caps from the trailer. Also The Sarah Jane Adventures has now been confirmed it will start on the 24th September 2007 on the CBBC channel at 5.00pm so set your reminders. Below are the screen caps.


DoctorLew said...

Thank for the kind comment :)

Glad you like the images - millions more funny ones to come!

Keep updated with the site! In a while, also, I'll be linking to other WHO sites, so I shall link to yours.


gaz_dwsja said...

You can't set your reminders because it's too far ahead! btw I only read this to see if you had already posted it as I am posting it now.