Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Eliazbeth Sladen Interview

Elizabeth Sladen, star of The Sarah Jane Adventures, recently spoke to The Daily Telegraph newspaper about her role in her new series. She tells journalist Simon Swift: "I did that episode, School Reunion, and I thought what a lovely end for my character... Then, as Torchwood was coming out, I got a call saying Russell [T Davies - Doctor Who's executive producer] would like to take me out for lunch to talk about something else. I thought, 'I'm going to be in Torchwood.' And he said: 'We want to do a series called The Sarah Jane Adventures.' I absolutely didn't see it coming." She then goes on to say that had the spin-off project gone to any other former companion she would have been annoyed.

"I would be p***** off to my socks. I would have said, 'Well, they know what they're doing,' but I would have secretly thought, 'Oh, what a mistake they've made'."

The Sarah Jane Adventures airs on Monday 24th Spetember at 5.00pm on the CBBC Channel so dont miss it.

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