Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Wire Fact File

The Wire is a alien life form from the planet Hermethica. The Wire was originally executed by its own people but it managed to preserve itself and escape to earth 1953. Once there it concealed itself in television signals transferring itself from set to set and feeding on the electrical activity of the brains of those watching it.From this the wires victims are drained of neural energy which causes them to become lifeless and have there faces completely erased. The Wire used the image of female BBC continuity announcer to communicate with the rest of the world. To feed, the wire, used Mr Magpie a owner of a electronics shop to sell cheap TV's in North London. The Wire planned to transfer itself into the transmission tower in Alexandra Palace on Queen Elizabeth II coronation where it could drain the electrical energy of a estimated twenty million viewers watching the event and manifest itself back into its original form. However the Tenth Doctor trapped the Wire on a tape using a Video Cassette Recorder. In trapping The Wire all of the victims returned to normal. The Doctor then said to make sure The Wire never escaped he would record over the tape.

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