Saturday, 11 August 2007

Sting Of The Zygons Review

Sting Of The Zygons starts with The Doctor and Martha arriving in the Lake District in 1909. Where the search is on for the Beast of Westormorland which has been terrorising the locals. Explorers, Naturalists, Hunters and a french man are gathering from across the country to find the beast. But when a beast is found dead upon the lakeside the people believe they've finally found the beast.However when The Doctor sets off to investigate he automatically recognises it as a Skarasen. Of course the return of the Skarasens means the return of a old foe known as the Zygons. As the tale continues we start to believe the Zygon hunters are becoming hunted. However after how desperate the Zygon was to retrieve its skarasen milk (its food supply) of Martha we realize that the Zygons are being rationed and they are hungry. The story goes on and eventually a great battle is fought against the Zygons who plan to take over the throne of England and control the world. Overall i would give this book a 8/10.


gaz_dwsja said...

his book is amongst the worst imho

Bad Wolf said...

i liked this book personally