Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sarah Jane To Encounter Doctor Who Villains

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Hello , as Bad Wolf has taken a break/vacation to an alien planet. I am covering for him as he is away until Wednesday. You may remember I covered this for him last time he went away. So until Wednesday, I will be posting on this site. Anyway onto the latest news;
The latest news has been released about Sarah Jane Adventures by the BBC Press Office. The Press release states that Sarah Jane Adventures will encounter some familiar villains from Doctor Who. Rumours were about a while ago suggesting the Slitheen would be in one episode of the series, maybe this is the familiar Doctor Who Villain stated in the Press Release.
Here is the Press Release; Other highlights premiering on CBBC this autumn include The Sarah Jane Adventures. Created by multi-award winning Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies and starring Elisabeth Sladen as one of The Doctor's most famous former companions, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, expect to bump into some familiar alien enemies from Doctor Who.
Along with the news on Sarah Jane Adventures the new CBBC logo has been revealed, it can be seen in the picture i made up above. Who do you think the familiar Doctor Who Villain will be? Enjoy My Post Please Comment Below Thanks

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