Thursday, 9 August 2007

Racnoss Fact File

The Racnoss were an ancient race from the dark times of the universe. They were half-humanoid, half-spider in appearance, who were once an invasion force who consumed everything on the planets they conquered as they are always hungry.The Racnoss were wiped out by the Fledgling Empires including the ancestors of the Time Lords, over 4.6 billion years ago. Nearly all of the survivors of the Racnoss escaped in their ship, which earth would then form from, hibernating for billions of years. The only Racnoss that we know off who did not escape in the Racnoss ship was the Empress. She would later come to Earth in her ship (The Webstar) to use Huon particles (created by the Torchwood Institute) to reawaken to long lost Racnoss at the center of the earth. However her plan was stopped by the Doctor as the Racnoss intended on feasting on the humans. It is believed he killed all of the Racnoss by draining the Thames so the Racnoss drowned. The empress then returned to her ship to try and wipe out humanity, however thanks to orders from Mr Saxon her ship was destroyed.


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Nice. Just the basic stuff we need to know :)

Lewis said...

Fact Files left to do:

Daleks (Both histories)
Cybermen (Mondas & alternate)
Sontarans (and Rutans)
Cat people
Doctors #1 - #10
(The) TARDIS (Ship)
The Masters

A lot left to go!

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