Saturday, 18 August 2007

Pig Slaves Fact File

The Pig Slaves are a experiment on humans created by The Cult Of Skaro who have been changed so they take orders from the Daleks. Pig Slaves have a low level of intelligence and were told in the episodes Daleks In Manhattan and Evolution Of The Daleks to take people from the sewers of Manhattan for the Daleks to experiment on in the basement of the Empire State Building. The Pigs Slaves only live for a couple of weeks as they have a limited lifespan. A character in the episodes called Laszlo is kidnapped from a Broadway theatre to be turned into a pig slave. However while the Daleks were turning him in to a pig slave he manages to escape with his mind still as it was but this left his appearance half-pig half-man. Laszlo left a single white rose for Tallulah in her dressing room each night before her performance as he did in his human form. Laszlo is also able to resist the Daleks unlike the other mutants. The Pig Slaves are extremely aggressive creatures and according to Laszlo, capable of slitting a throat with their bare teeth.

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