Friday, 10 August 2007

Kylie For Series 5?

Could Kylie now be returning to Doctor Who for series 5? Well according to SyFy Portal Kylie Minogue, who plays Astrid in this years Doctor Who Christmas Special, has been a massive hit with the producers. Catherine Tate who starred in last years Christmas special became a big hit with the producers and landed a place in series 4 so could Kylie do the same? Kylie has expressed a desire to come back to "Doctor Who" "If they want me back, I will be there like a shot," Minogue said. A source told Britain's Daily Telegraph earlier this week that "Kylie just sizzles in her scenes. It's going to be one of the best episodes ever."
So Kylie may be landing a role in the Tardis but of course at this moment in time this is just a rumour but time will tell and Bad Wolf PR will report more on this soon.

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Lewis said...

Hmm, I won't judge her, but I will say it's a deffo 50/50 thing. RTD is leaving, so they can't make any 100% decisions yet.