Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Doctor Who Annual 2008

The Doctor Who Annual 2008 (Cover can be seen above) has been recalled to its publisher, Penguin. It has been recalled due to a spelling mistake on the front cover which hadn't been noticed till they went out to the shops. Some people managed to get their hands on the Annual before it was recalled.
Here is The Sun's Article;
Thousands of Doctor Who books have been pulped because of a spelling mistake on the front cover.Publishers Penguin had sent the 2008 annual featuring current Doctor David Tennant to shops before the error was spotted.But a red-faced insider, who refused to reveal the gaffe, said: “It’s embarrassing. The books are cherished so the publishers decided to recall them.”
The cover is lenticular and when you move it the Tardis dematerialises and rematerialises.
Hopefully they are back in the shops soon. I will be getting my copy when they are sent back to the shops, corrected of their spelling mistake.
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Anonymous said...

Great News Mark, can I use the picture and article please???

PanTha007 said...

Here is the misprint (photo taken on my bed :D ) please use as needed but please credit me for it :D

Pan said...

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