Monday, 13 August 2007

Davros Box Set?

The British Board of Film Classification have recently revealed details on their website for the upcoming release of 1979 story Destiny of the Daleks. This story introduces Lalla Ward into the role of Romana. There is no release date or special feature information at this time but rumour has it this release will be part of a forthcoming Davros box-set, but the BBC is still yet to confirm this. A Davros box-set would make sense as Destiny Of The Daleks is the only Davros story not yet to be released on DVD. So therefore the release of this episode would mean every Davros episode in existence has been released on DVD.


gaz_dwsja said...


mite watch dotd 2day 2 check it out

Mark said...

Cool they might release Destiny Of The Daleks after Davros "may" appear in Series 4, then it might get more sales. And then is when they might release a boxset.

Anonymous said...

I've read it could be done just before Christmas - a great Christmas present - and with this Davros set, it gives us more clues that Davros will return!

That English Kid said...

News on Donna (It's fucking funny too)... RTD says:

"She gives us the chance to be blunt about things, and be gobsmacked by things. Of course, she'll still be brave and heroic sometimes, and she'll save the Doctor's life, but equally... for example, there's one episode where they land on an alien planet, and the first thing she does is go back in the TARDIS to find the right coat!"

Haha, I have to admit, that'll (the coat) be a genius moment if they pull it off!