Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Battles In Time: Invader

GE Fabbri Limited have announced that they are to release new set of Battles in Time cards and a special issue next month. So far they have released Exterminator and Annihilator cards and now they are releasing Invader cards. The Invader cards will feature 225 brand new, spectacular images from the latest TV episodes. This set will launch in the Battles In Time: Invader Special. Which will feature an in-depth magazine guide to all the new Invader cards, new games and fascinating fact-files covering all 13 episodes of the 2007 TV series. This collector’s edition also comes complete with two booster packs to start off your collection and also you will get a free luxury laminated trading card album.


gaz said...


i dont have any B.I.T.

but still cool

Anonymous said...


Not many people buy them anymore! They are a rip off.