Thursday, 12 July 2007

Series 4 Episode Guide And More

As you may have noticed on the sidebar of Bad Wolf PR there is a new addition which is a series 4 episode guide. This episode guide contains all of episode from The Voyage Of The Damned up until episode 13 of Series 4. These links will work just like the series 3 ones did, all you have to do is click on a episode and it will bring up all the posts posted about that particular episode. Also the series 3 episode guide is still available in the form of a drop down menu so just click on the little arrow to see all the episodes of series 3. As well as the appearance of the new episode guide Bad Wolf PR also has a new Video Rail which includes all video made or uploaded onto You Tube by myself. To use this feature simply click on a video you wish to see and scroll up to the stop of the page where you will see a new screen which will be playing the video. To finish watching the video and remove it from the top of the page click "I'm done watching this". Well that's near enough it for new sidebar additions but look out in the coming weeks as the Bad Wolf PR sidebar will be updated. As for upcoming posts, we will continue to update you on the latest Doctor Who news, Sarah Jane News and also K9 Adventure News. Also expect to see some character profiles in the coming weeks. That's it for now Wolfy's so enjoy the rest of the day.

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