Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Runaway Bride Runs Back Into The Tardis

That's right the famous Donna Noble played by Catherine Tate, from the Christmas Special entitled The Runaway Bride, is returning to the Tardis for Series 4 of Doctor Who. Dona was asked by the Doctor to join him at the end of that particular episode but she refused so there fore the two must meet up once again and Donna will become a full time companion. However as posted on this site earlier Martha Jones will return to the Tardis mid way through series 4 so it will be very interesting to see what the two think of each other. This is what Tate had to say "I am delighted to be returning to Doctor Who. I had a blast last Christmas and look forward to travelling again through time and space with that nice man from Gallifrey." Although that still leaves the Doctor companionless until series 4 but rest assured because now Kylie Minogue has finally been confirmed that she will be in the Christmas special called Voyage Of The Damned. To see the press release for Kylie's return Click Here.


Cloak said...

Neat. i don't believe that Catherine Tate is the new companion.

Anonymous said...

this site is shit