Saturday, 21 July 2007

Episode X The Runaway Bride

The second Christmas Special was another truly memorable experience on Christmas Day. The episode was called The Runaway Bride and followed on from The Doctor just saying goodbye to Rose and turning around to find Donna Noble in the Tardis. Donna got sucked into the Tardis while she was walking down the aisle for her wedding. So she screams at the Doctor to get her to her wedding on time however they do not because of the return of the Robot Santa's who abduct Donna. The Doctor manages to get Donna back via a quick flight of the Tardis. The pair then get back in time for Donna's reception where everyone still continue to have fun without the bride. We later find out that the company Donna works for, H.C.Clements, has a secret base underneath where a alien creature known as Empress Of The Racnoss hides. Donna has over a period of time been injected with Huon Particles which will wake the Racnoss from there sleep in the center of the earth. Of course The Doctor objects to this as the Racnoss intend on harvesting the Humans. Overall i would give this episode 8/10.

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