Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Doctor Who Magazine 385

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out on the 26th July and now we have some news on what it will include. Freema Agyeman gives the inside scoop on how Martha will have changed when she next meets up with the Doctor in Series Four... "She'll actually be in a relationship by that point, so that part of her soul is fulfilled," Freema hints, "so I think she'll look at her relationship with the Doctor with fresh eyes - older and much, much wiser. The last time they will have seen one another is after she's just saved the world, so she went out on a high. And then they meet up again so I imagine that they'll be sizing each other up a bit!" As well as this DWM goes behind the scenes of The Masters Death and looks at his very first appearance in the episode Terror Of The Autons. DWM also follows Blue Peter winner John Bell and his appearance in the episode Utopia. Plus theres much, much, more. The new issue is sale from Thursday 26 July and its cover can be seen below.

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