Saturday, 30 June 2007

Tardis Gets A New Companion

According to The Mirror newspaper there will apparently be a new sidekick joining the Doctor and Martha in series 4 of Doctor Who. It also reports Martha will not be appearing in all the episodes of Doctor Who as she will also be appearing in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. To read more about Martha apparently appearing in Torchwood then visit Torchwood PR. More details of the article can be seen below but it is not sure if this information is a true story.
According to the Mirror article, there will be a new companion in the TARDIS from next year: "A show insider reveals: 'Martha will still be in Doctor Who, but her relationship with the doctor will have changed. The truth is that she loves him but he doesn't feel the same way. She is going to have to share him because he'll be getting a different sidekick. And this is a major addition to the cast.'"The article goes on to mention that Martha won't be in every episode next year, but will appear in the occasional episode for both Doctor Who and Torchwood. The item also repeats previous reports that singer Kylie Minogue will be the (only) companion in this year's Christmas Special.

Also dont forget that today at 10.30am on BBC 2 you can see the entire of the Doctor Who Animation including the unseen final part. Tonight at 7.05pm on BBC 1 the final episode of series 3 airs and it is entitled Last Of The Timelords with the Confidential of that episode being shown at 7.55pm on BBC 3.

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