Saturday, 2 June 2007

Episode 9 The Family Of Blood

The Family Of Blood what can i say another brilliant episode. The story follows on from last weeks great episode and carries on with the greatness. The goes from where ether Joan or Martha are facing certain death but suddenly with Martha's quick thinking she saves the towns people for now. John, Joan and Martha then run into the school where they get surrounded by the family and there army which are the scarecrows. The story slowly goes on and John Smith realises that his dreams are real and they have happened and he is forced to make a decision to either stay as John Smith or go back to The Doctor. Well i suppose you will be able to guess what happens next as John Smith turns back to the Doctor and eventually saves the day by giving the family what they always wanted immortality. Overall i would give this episode a 9/10.
"He's Ancient And Forever He Burns At The Center Of Time And He Can See The Turn Of The Universe"

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