Thursday, 14 June 2007

Episode 10 Blink

Episode 10 entitled Blink came and went with style last Saturday night, yes i know i always seem to be saying this, but it was absolutely fantastic. Apart from being one of the cheapest episodes of series 3 and also being the episode with less Doctor than we normally expect this episode still showed great signs of just why we tune in each week to watch this program. The episode Blink showed that even in Doctor Who your main character doesn't have to be the main character in every episode. The story was basically all about a type of Haunted House which is inhabited by aliens described by The Doctor as "Deadly Assassins" and if they get you they send you back into the past to live the rest of your days out of your time. Though they are assassins the only thing that seems to defeat them is when someone is looking at them as they turn to stone this then eventually becomes there downfall. This episode was described from the beginning as the scariest episode since Doctor Who returned to our screens and truthfully they did tell the truth as it could be tooken as very scary for young children and brilliant for older ages. I particularly thought the moment when a Weeping Angel blew a light bulb was very well shot, scary and action packed as was the ending of the episode which set a thought in you mind that all statues could be Weeping Angels so beware. Overall i would give this episode a 9/10.

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