Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Birthday Doctor!

Hello Wolfys! While BadWolf is off for a long needed break from tagging the countryside with with his moniker so the Doctor can find Rose (just joking), myself and Mark from Tardis & Torchwood Treasures (TATT for short) will be running the show here. Only briefly mind you, as expressed in the previous post by the man himself. As BadWolf is wishing to do certain things when he gets back, I will not take his glory from him.
First up though I would like to make you all aware that the 8th of June, is none other than Colin Bakers' (the 6th Doctor) birthday. Colin will be turning 64, one year off the old retirement age. Lets hope Colin keeps acting and attending conventions though, we don't want you to retire Colin. Appearing in a multi doctor story would be nice, RUSSELL! We haven't had one of those for while.
Any way to celebrate Colin's birthday, I will be doing a special post to honour the occasion. The post will be all about Colin's' years as the Doctor, its highs, its lows as well as Colin's availability on DVD. If you would like a copy of Colin's' autograph, he can be contacted via the following address.
Colin Baker c/o Evans & Reiss 100 Fawe Park Road London SW15 2EA UK
A recent picture of the "faulty" regeneration, cough!
'Til next time Wolfys, peace and remember "Do not Blink!", you know why.

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