Sunday, 13 May 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms Return

A week off from Doctor Who and Wolfys everywhere are in despair. The program was replaced by Any Dream Will Do which was described by Torchwood and Rhys in the cbox as why are we missing Doctor Who for this rubbish. In some ways i have to agree because Doctor Who is the most popular BBC show on the BBC right now in a week apart from Eastenders which is shown four times a week. The reason for Any Dream Will Do being aired early is because The Eurovision Song Contest was on last night or should i say Politics Contest as the country's voted for there favorite country's rather than there favourite singers. Schooch who were the United Kingdoms group came second to last from some dodgy decisions from other country's. Meanwhile before the Eurovision we got a great little teaser trailer for the episode 42 which airs next Saturday at 7.15pm (so it weren't all bad). Until Next Time Wolfys pop Signing Out.

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