Tuesday, 15 May 2007

McGann Movie 2?

Below thanks to the genius of Rob Bad Wolf PR now has a EXCLUSIVE. Below is the article and a picture of Paul McGann uncovered by Rob so i suppose this is a Rob EXCLUSIVE really. It is not known yet if this information is correct though.

Were you a big fan of Paul McGann and his trip to San Francisco in the Tardis back in 1996? Well, now that interest has once again been reignited in the "Doctor Who" franchise thanks to the popular BBC series starring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, there is word now that BBC is planning to do a new "Doctor Who" movie featuring not Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, or even Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. Empire Online is reporting that BBC and director Geoffrey Sax want to continue the story of McGann's Eighth Doctor in a way to separate it from the popular television franchise. "Because of the demand for Eighth Doctor stories on film, due to the popular Big Finish audios and BBC7 Radio audios made specifically for those productions, a film is finally in negotiations, There are still many things to finalize, such as if Paul McGann is interested in portraying The Doctor on film again. The Tardis interior from the 1996 TV movie [was] auctioned off back in 1999, but they plan on recreating the same interior from the TV movie, which is a popular design."

If such a film is made, it will be without popular bad guys like the Daleks, Cybermen or even The Master, who was featured in the first film. Instead, it will focus on a new alien species, and instead of traveling to the United States, would instead be on Earth for just a few minutes before heading to three different alien worlds. It is unclear how true this rumor is, since it has not been independently corroborated by SyFy Portal. But Empire does say it could have a decent $85 million budget. The script apparently was first drafted in 1999, and has been updated several times since then. It could possibly be the start of a series of films featuring a Doctor unlike the ones portrayed in the 21st Century version of the show.

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