Saturday, 19 May 2007

Here Comes The Sun

As i was flicking through my TV guide today and wondering whats on i noticed a interview with 42 guest star Michelle Colins. Michelle is to play a space captain called McDonnell. Some of the interview can be found below in Italics ahead of tonights episode 42 which is on BBC 1 at 7.15pm.
"McDonnell captains a cargo ship that hurtles towards the sun. She is a woman in a man's worls, and has doubly tough. But when an engine malfuntions and her crew start dropping like flies she relises she needs the Doctors help". Michelle recalls, with a smile, thta she hit another stumbling block off-screen " I was supposed to be an experienced, hardened spaceship captain, but i kept tripping over the wires. Every time i fell i'd say who put that there? David Tennant kept laughing at me-until he fell over, too".

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