Saturday, 26 May 2007

Episode 8 Human Nature

If i was asked to describe Episode 8 Human Nature in one word i would describe it as Weird but Weird in a good way. I think of it as weird because of the fact our faithful Doctor isn't the Doctor. He believes he is 100% human however he has dreams of when he was the real Doctor. Even though the Doctor has completely forgot about his past life Martha Jones has not and as the story progress she try's to get it through to John Smith that he is the Doctor. This story finally shows Martha acting a lot more on her own accord rather than relying on the Doctor all the time. Apart from all this the aliens that the Doctor is forced to go into hiding from have only been called The Family so far. But they don't seem to be the nicest of family's as they start controlling Scarecrows which was very scary. Human Nature is left on a brilliant cliff hanger as John Smith is forced to choose between the women he has fallen in love with or Martha. Overall i would give this episode a 9/10.

What's That Coming The Hill Is It A Monster

No Its The Scarecrows

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