Sunday, 1 April 2007

Smith and Jones Episode 1

After all the wait Smith and Jones finally arrived on our screens and to be honest it was fantastic. It had it all a great story, great aliens and great chase scenes. What basically happened was that Martha Jones on her way to work bumped into a man who we know was the Doctor. When she arrives at work which is a hospital she finds once again The Doctor but this time he is a patient. This all seems weird but it gets weirder as it starts to rain and the Hospital is teleported to the moon where The Judoon are marching towards them looking for a alien in the hospital because they are the police. Of course the Doctor gets caught in the middle of this with Martha the two find there way to find the real alien is a blood sucking plasamore. The two find her before the Judoon do or they will kill everyone in the Hospital for hiding a alien. Once the two arrive back on earth the Doctor returns to Martha on the night of her brothers birthday to ask her if she wants to come with him which she obviously does. The monsters involved in this story are The Judoon which i loved, A Plasamore that sucks blood through a straw and two leather people working for the plasamore. Overall i would seriously give this a 10/10 it was truly amazing.

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