Saturday, 7 April 2007

The Shakespeare Code Episode 2

The second episode came and it was just as good as the previous weeks episode. This episode See's the Doctor and Martha on there first trip to the past to meet William Shakespeare. There are 3 carranites, one the leader who is called Lilith, which act like witches, they are on a mission to free there sisters who are trapped. To free them they use words and make Shakespeare write them in his new play using what can only be described as Voodoo. William also has a crush on Martha but she obviously doesn't have one on him as she goes "I'm sorry Mr Shakespeare but your breath stinks". Also at the end of the episode the Doctor meets Queen Elizabeth the 1st for what he thinks is his first time but she orders him to be killed so the Doctor and Martha have to run off. Look out for that meeting in series 4. I would give this episode 8/10 it was another great episode.

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