Thursday, 5 April 2007

Reading the Signs

Every week i am going to look back at the last episode and find the signs. The last two series of Doctor Who have all had there own messages. The first series had Bad Wolf (where the name of this site came from) and the second series message was Torchwood ( where are other favourite show and Torchwood PR came from) The sign seems to be for series 3 Saxon which has appeared many times starting way back last series where his name was on the newspaper in the episode Love and Monsters. It is next heard in The Christmas Special starring Catherine Tate when a man shouts "Orders from Mr Saxon Fire" It is not just Doctor Who which has this message as in the episode Captain Jack Harkness there were posters around the dance hall saying Vote Saxon.Finally the latest Saxon mention was in Freema Agyemans first episode where she was listening to the radio then a man said "It all confirms Mr Saxons". Finally when The Doctor is about to take Martha off in the Tardis there is a poster in the background on a wall with the words VOTE SAXON.

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