Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Reading the Signs 2

As thousands of Wolfys across the country watched The Shakespeare Code episode I'm sure a few of you may have noticed there was no mention of the word "Saxon". Your properly thinking What is going on? well my answer to this is that this scenario is to be expected as previous signs have been words not names so it will be harder for the writers to fit it in. Also Mr Davies himself told us in a interview earlier this year there will be a small message running through series 3. Anyway on i go, as there we've got nothing this week id thought id recap on a classic sign "Bad Wolf" which was known for running all the way through the first series of the new series. Well it didn't stop there because there were a few mentions of it throughout series 2 and now it has become the name of this blog. The latest mention was in the hit show Torchwood where in episode 12 there is graffiti on the wall at the top of the stairs with them two words. For the latest news on torchwood please check out Torchwood PR. Thanks to Becky for the pictures below.

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