Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Last Chance For A Master

Tonight See's the last ever Life On Mars which has been a very popular show on BBC 1. If you are not familiar with the show it is all about someone called Sam Tyler (John Simm) who gets ran over and wakes up in 1973. He ends up working for the police lead by the eccentric Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) who happen to be completely different from the sort he was used to in the present day. You may wonder why i am telling you all this well firstly its a message to all you Martians (Life On Mars Fans) that it is the last episode so it is time to start crying which i will be, but also to say that it will possibly be the last time to see John Simm acting before he hits our screens as Mr Saxon the newly elected prime-minister. The series 2 trailer can be seen below for you to look at. If would like to see more on Life OnMars and its proposed Spin-Off Ashes To Ashes then visit Life On Mars TV for your daily dose of Martian action. ">

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