Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Series 3 Complete

Here it is the final piece of the puzzle revealed to us as the final to episode names have been released inside The Radio Times. The episodes that have been named are that episode three will be called Gridlock, Episode 5 will be called Evolution Of The Daleks and the final episode thirteen will be called Last Of The Timlords. This final name certainly triggered a thought in my mind about the final episode which i will share with you at a later date. The entire of series 3 episode names can be seen below. Thanks to Coed for telling me about episodes 3 and 13. Episode 1 Smith and Jones Episode 2 The Shakespeare Code Episode 3 Gridlock Episode 4 Daleks in Manhatten Episode 5 Evolution Of The Daleks Episode 6 The Lazarus Experiment Episode 7 42 Episode 8 Human Nature Episode 9 The Family Of Blood Episode 10 Blink Episode 11 Utopia Episode 12 The Sound Of Drums Episode 13 Last Of The Time Lords

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